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Communicate & Improve

“If a program evaluates in the forest and no one knows it, did the evaluation happen? Without utilization, dissemination and communication, the potential of evaluation can be largely unrealized.”

-Rene Dubay, Director of Partnerships for Access and Talent Search, Commisioner of Higher Education Office, Montana


The previous tools have discussed strategies for developing, designing, and conducting evaluations. Equally important, but sometimes forgotten, is the need to communicate the results of your evaluation with outside groups.

  • Publicly sharing evaluation results can be tricky, especially if parts of the evaluation are considered proprietary and confidential.
  • However, to the best extent possible, communication of results should be included as an integral part of your overall efforts, particularly since publicizing results could lead to increased funding and other support for your program.
  • Planning to communicate your results should be done in conjunction with the plans laid out for conducting your overall evaluation efforts.

This section provides suggestions for developing, implementing, and evaluating a communication plan.