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Evaluation Examples

Cal Grant Program

  • Kane, Thomas J. (2003). A quasi-experimental estimate of the impact of financial aid on college-going. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 9703. (download)

D.C. Tuition Assistance Grant Program

  • Kane, Thomas J. (2004). Evaluating the impact of the D.C. Tuition Assistance Grant Program. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 10658. (download)

Florida’s College Reach-out Program

  • Florida State Postsecondary Education Commission. (1994) A statewide evaluation of Florida’s College Reach-our Program, An annual report 1992-93. Tallahassee: FL: Department of Education. (download)

Gates Millennium Scholars Program

  • DesJardins, S. L., & McCall, B. P. (2007). The impact of the Gates Millennium Scholars Program on selected outcomes of low-income minority students: A regression discontinuity analysis. Working Paper. (download)


  • Local and state evaluations of GEAR UP can be found at These models may be extremely helpful for small program evaluation.
  • ACT. (2007). Using EXPLORE and PLAN data to evaluate GEAR UP programs. Washington, DC: National Council for Community and Education Partnerships. (download)
  • U.S. Department of Education. (2002). National evaluation of GEAR UP: A summary of the first two years. Washington, DC: Department of the Under Secretary, Policy and Program Studies Service. (download)

Harvard Financial Aid Initiative

  • Avery, C., Hosby, C., Jacson, C., Burek, K., Poppe, G., & Raman, M. (2006). Cost should be no barrier: An evaluation of the first year of Harvard’s Financial Aid Initiative (Working paper 12029). Cambridge, MA: National Bureau of Economic Research. (download)

Opening Doors at Delgado Community College and Louisiana Technical College-West Jefferson

  • Brock, T., & Richburg-Hayes, L. (2006). Paying for persistence: early results of a Louisiana scholarship program for low-income parents attending community college. New York, NY: Manpower Development Research Corp. (download)

Opening Doors Program at Kingsborough Community College

  • Scrivener, S., Bloom, D. LeBlanc, A., Paxson, D., Rouse, C. E., & Sommo, C. (2008). A good start: Two-year effects of a freshman learning community program at Kingsborough Community College. New York, NY: Manpower Development Research Corp. (download)

Student Support Services

  • Bradford, C., Muraskin, L., Cahalan, M., & Rak, R. (1997). National study of Student Support Services: Third-year longitudinal study of results and program implementation study update. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education. (download)

Talent Search

  • Constantine, J. M, Seftor, N. S., Martin, E. S., Silva, T., & Myers, D. (2006). A study of the effect of the Talent Search program on secondary and postsecondary outcomes in Florida, Indiana, and Texas: Final report from phase II of the national evaluation. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education. (download)
  • Brewer, E. W., & Landers, J. M. (2005). A longitudinal study of the Talent Search program. Journal of Career Development, 31(3), 195-208. (download)

Upward Bound

  • Cahalan, M. (2009). Do the conclusions change? The case of Upward Bound, correcting for study error in the 1992-2004 national evaluation of Upward Bound. Washington, DC: Council for Opportunity in Education. (download)

Upward Bound Math-Science

  • Olsen, R., Seftor, N., Silva, T., Myers, D., DesRoches, D., & Young, J. (2008). Upward Bound Math-Science: Program description and interim impacts. Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. (download)

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