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Evaluation 101: The Basics

The goal of the Evaluation Toolkit is to help busy outreach program professionals who need succinct, yet comprehensive, advice and guidance on how to evaluate their access outreach program services.

This introductory section of the Evaluation Toolkit is designed to provide you with the basic knowledge you need before engaging the Evaluation Guide.

In Evaluation 101, you will learn about:

To access these sections, click on the links in the menu bar on the left side of the page.

However, before you begin working your way through the Evaluation Toolkit, we must first answer this basic question: What is evaluation?

Evaluation is the systematic process of collecting and analyzing data to:

  • Determine if and to what extent program goals have been achieved
  • Help directors make decisions about program refinement and adjustment

Before moving on, download and work through the Evaluation 101 Worksheet. The worksheet can help you and your team begin developing an evaluation mindset so that you may take full advantage of the tools in the Evaulation Guide.